Friday, July 30, 2010

Naps and Nipples: July 7th, 8th, & 9th

July 7th- My Own Room

While laying on Daddy, Dominic was getting fussy. Daddy started singing Coolio’s Gangsters Paradise to Dominic and he just looked up at him and stared quietly the entire time. Now when Dominic is fussy I am bringing him to Daddy to get sang to!

Tonight Mommy and Daddy finally got Dominic’s room all together. His crib is now in there as well as the rocking chair. I think he will start to sleep in the crib better if we are around. He only sleeps there now if I am in the room with him, so here’s crossing our fingers.

Mommy had a really hard time at first not having Dominic in the room with me. I was so worried I wouldn’t wake up when he did. It took me an extra 20 before going to bed because I would sit in the rocker, stand by the crib, walk out of the room and walk back in again. The Daddy offered to sleep in Dominic’s room if it would make me feel better. As sweet as that was to offer I couldn’t let him do it and finally decided to go to our own room.

July8th- A Good Night’s Sleep

Wow last night went fantastic. I slept so well, and I woke up nearly as soon as Dominic did. The best part is he slept for 5 hours straight!! Unfortunately I am still on old Dominic time and didn’t go to bed til way to late but I did get a good 4 hours in. He also took a nap only about an hour after he had his breakfast and so did Mommy. Our nap was another 3 hours of sleep! The worst part is I was more tired than on hardly any sleep, go figure right.

I love having Dominic’s crib in his room, because his room is basically the central part of the house. I was able to put him in his crib for naps, which meant I could do some scrapbooking, dishes or check in on my facebook. Before he would only sleep on the couch that meant Mommy was sitting right next to him or only a few inches or maybe feet away. I think Dominic likes to take naps in his crib because he was asleep more than awake today.

July9th- Night Owl

Its 2am and Dominic is wide awake. Here lately he has been going to sleep around 11:00-11:30ish like normal and then waking up at 1am and up until about 3am. This is the 3rd day he has done this. The first two I thought maybe with the weather and the changes it messed up his schedule. Apparently this is his new schedule.

Well after the late night/early morning bedtime, Dominic slept 6 hours, with no wakes ups!! I couldn’t believe it. At about 9 he woke up and ready for a bottle. He was awake for about an hour and went back to sleep for another 3 hours. I was able to get so much done and take a nap myself!!

Naps and Nipples: July 4th, 5th, & 6th

July 4th- Happy Independence Day

We didn’t really do much for the holiday since Dominic is still too young to pay attention to the fireworks. We did go to a very yummy BBQ at our friend’s Cassie and Travis’s house. Dominic was wide awake and very interested in all the new sites, and on occasion he would notice Ryker and stare at him for a short time and then be sidetracked by something on the wall or the kitty cat.

When we got home Dominic had a very fun bath time. He is getting to were each night he splashes a little more and wants to stay in a little longer. He loves his bath times and now I have to get him to stop playing so I can actually wash him. While in the tub his Daddy was talking to him and he laughed out loud at him. He is always laughing and smiling really big at his Daddy, but who can blame him, his Daddy is a big dork. I guess the saying is true…. Like Father, Like Son!!

July 5th- I can do it all by myself…sorta!

Dominic is starting to find sitting positions where he doesn’t need support to keep up. When sitting on Mommy or Daddy’s lap he can generally sit up with out our help. If he bend over to touch he toes he can do it while sitting on the couch all by himself. I can’t believe how babies develop from day to day, he will be in school before I know it at this rate!

July 6th- Changes

Dominic’s day was full of changes. We officially packed up the last of his newborn clothes and are in size 0-3’s! A new formula and baby food was introduced today. Dominic has a big spit up issue. He spits up all day long so we are now going to try the Similac less spit up formula. As of right now we are doing half of his old formula and half new so it won’t upset his stomach too much, and eventually I will wean him off of the old formula completely to see how well the spit up kind works. We ran out of applesauce and went ahead and tried the sweet potato. He didn’t seem to care for it too much at first, he did eat all his cereal eventually, but it is definitely not his favorite just yet.

On top of food changes, we also changed diapers. Wal-Mart was out of Pampers so we bought Huggies and we moved up to size 2. The size 1 still fit but are getting to be snug, the size 2 fit really well, and they have a mess catcher which should be interesting.

Dominic had many changes in his life today but as I knew he would, he adjusted perfectly! I know its early but I swear the new formula is going to work because he hasn’t spit up yet, here’s crossing our fingers!!

Naps and Nipples: July 2nd and 3rd

July 2nd- An apple a day… keeps hunger away

Dominic got an extra special treat today…applesauce. Thanks to the advice of his Great-Grandma Nan Mommy added applesauce to Dominic’s cereal, and he absolutely loved it!! He ate 3 tablespoon worth of food. Normally at cereal time it’s a huge mess, He plays and talks, but not today. He ate with a little chatter but mostly he just wanted his cereal. We are going to do the two cereal times with the applesauce and in about 3 days switch it up with some sweet potatoes. Wow I can’t believe my little boy is eating solid foods!!

July 3rd- Laugh out loud.

Today Dominic’s Daddy finally got a little of the medicine that Mommy gets on a daily basis. Dominic spit up all over him twice and then while sitting on him made a nice little stinky. Mommy laughed so hard because it was about time he got to enjoy the mess!

Aside from messing all over Daddy, Dominic made Mommy super happy today. He Laughed Out Loud at me. It was a squeeze the heart moment that nearly made me cry. It was that generic baby laugh you hear on the commercials, absolutely adorable and perfect!!

Naps and Nipples: July 1st

July 1st- Built in toys

Dominic had a pretty good day today. He played and played. Dominic is completely fascinated by his feet. Mommy put his booties on with the jingle animals which made Dominic very happy. This afternoon he realized there are animals on those booties and for the next 5 hours had his feet in the air as much as he could handle. He would try to grab the animals, and succeeded many times, it was so cute and funny to watch him play with his feet.

Along with a good day he also had an aggravating day. Dominic has been trying so hard to sit up on his own but can’t quite get it. He can sit up about ¼ of the way and gets frustrated. Poor little guy grunts and groans the whole time as he tries to sit up. If you hold his hands he can sit up, but he gets mad at us if we don’t help and make him do it on his own. It takes him a little while but if Mommy and Daddy are holding on to his hands he sits right up.

Between Dominic hands, feet and urge to sit up, he has no need for actual toys which the exception of frog. Dominic entertains himself for hours… as long as Mommy is close by to watch him, otherwise he gets upset.

Naps and Nipples: June 29th & 30th

June 29th- Attack of the tickle monster

Dominic loves to be tickled, especially by is Daddy. Daddy tickles his “fat roll” the spot under his chin and his toad tummy. Dominic giggles when he does this but when I tickle him he usual just gives me that big open mouth grin. Today however he laughed out loud when I tickled him!! I nearly cried from sheer happiness!

June 30th- Splish Splash I was taking a bath…

For most of the day Dominic was munching on his Mommy’s fingers. Dominic has a jaws of steel according to his Daddy and I agree. When he munches on my fingers it hurts but sometimes he clamps down so hard I nearly scream and we stop. I warned him when he gets teeth there will be no more Mommy finger time!

Bath time was so much fun tonight. Dominic had himself a little splash fest. He splashed around so much he soaked my pants, and the floor. We added another bottle for him to kick and that made him so happy. He kicked and kicked, splash and splashed until he was pruny. I finally had to just start washing him before he shriveled up and before the water got too cold. All that playing made him super tired, he didn’t even have time for his night bottle until about 2 am.

Naps and Nipples: June 28th

June 28th- I can do it, I can do it

Today Dominic sat up with very little help from Mommy and Daddy. All we had to do was hold his hands for support and he would slowly grunt his way inch by inch up into the sitting position. As of late that is his absolute favorite place to be, sitting up looking around at the world or the TV. He does get really upset that he can’t do it on his own, but when we help we congratulate him when he sits up and he smiles so big. I bet it won’t be long and he will be able to sit up with us hold his legs down, and then without any help at all!

Dominic also had another foot discovery today…his toes!! While sitting on Daddy he leaned down as he always does and sat that way staring. After watching him we realized he had found his toes. For the next 15 minutes he would lean and grab on to his toes, it started with just the left foot and then the right by themselves, but soon he found he could grab both feet at the same time. He really enjoyed playing with his toes and talking to Daddy telling him all about his new discovery.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Naps and Nipples: June 27th

June 27th- Blankets, Blankets

Dominic loves blankets. He holds on to them, puts them in his mouth, covers his face and entertains himself for hours with them. Today I was cold and sleepy so I had my pillow and comforter on the couch. I laid Dominic on the pillow and he fell right to sleep. Later in the day he was laying on my comforter and he had a blast. Who needs baby blankets when you can have a huge comforter? He played and played with the blanket until he got sleepy, then he cuddled in the blanket.

Today he also started a new sound. Its hard to describe but it sounds like a "mmmm" over and over again. After he discovered this sound he did it none stop for the next 2 hours, he then found he could groan and growl. He did that for the rest of the day. Every time he was sleepy and fighting it, eating, wanting to sit up, and when he tried to grab his feet.

Naps and Nipples: June 25th&26th

June 25th- The Great Crib War of 2010

Oh today was the biggest battle of my life… the great crib war. Dominic has decided he no longer wants to sleep in his crib. We tried everything we could think of. Turn the mobile, turn off, turn radio on/off, put blanket under the pad to make it softer, lights on/off, with/without pacifier, with frog, with/without blankets… NOTHING worked. We fought and fought until nearly 6 am and finally from pure exhaustion he fell asleep and slept for about 5 hours. Both Mommy and Daddy were at their wits end. We have had tons of issues with him sleeping in the crib, he obviously doesn’t like it but what else are we suppose to do? Dominic isn’t a very good night sleeper (he gets it from his parents) when we say he sleeps for 5 hours that with several wake ups. As of late he has been waking at around 2am and again at 5:30 hungry. Poor baby doesn’t get very much uninterrupted sleep until the day time. We hope and pray he gets use to the crib and finally settles on sleeping there, and getting better sleep, and maybe we will get better sleep ourselves as well.

On a not so distressing note… well to Dominic its not, today Dominic pulled Mommy’s hair for the first time. When I was getting ready to put Dominic in the bath he grabbed a hold of my hair and wouldn’t let go, the funny part is I was just bragging about him not doing that. Teaches me a lesson, keep the bragging to myself haha.

June 26th- On the Go

While at Wal-Mart Dominic was having a great time playing in his car seat while Mommy and Daddy were eating at McDonald’s. As we were shopping he was still enjoying himself until we would stop moving. When we stopped to get something he would cry, but if we started moving again and kept moving he was happy. Dominic had us in and out of the store in about an hour and a half, that includes eating! No lollygagging with Dominic!!
Later in the evening while trying to get Dominic to sleep he wanted to be walked around. He would nod off as Mommy was walking all around the house, but when I sat down on the couch or tried to put him down, he would pop open his eyes and cry. That boy was on the move today and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Naps and Nipples: June 24th

June 24th- Spoon Thief

Tonight’s cereal time was a blast. Dominic was having a good time while eating. He was talking, munching on his bib, putting his hands in his mouth, getting cereal all over Mommy and oh yeah stealing the spoon!
As Mommy was putting the spoon to Dominic’s mouth to feed him he grabbed a hold of the spoon. He tried to feed himself but wasn’t very good at it. He would shove it too far in his mouth and gag himself. At another point he grabbed the spoon again and no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t getting it back. Dominic has a crazy strong grip, I pulled and pulled and finally Daddy had to come to rescue Mommy by getting the spoon for her.
We were so happy he grabbed the spoon, it means he is getting better hand eye coordination, and more curiosity. Soon enough he will be feeding himself… and not gagging!!

Naps and Nipples: June 21st, 22nd, 23rd

June 21st, 22nd, 23rd- Foot Loose

These last few days have been pretty basic “your everyday happenings.” Dominic has been sleeping a lot lately which is good, it means he is growing but on a down side, generally when he is that tired he wants to be as close to Mommy as possible. Don’t get me wrong, Mommy loves every moment with her baby boy, but sometimes you just gotta go to the bathroom, or need to do a few house chores. As of late Dominic has wanted to be held, rocked, or cuddled. I love all of these, so after a few moments of thinking, “I really need to do last night’s dishes” I lay down next to Dominic, look at his angelic face and think “this is exactly what I should be doing!”

Dominic has made a new discovery… His Feet! A few days ago he realized he can touch his knees. The next day he found he can touch his toes as well, and ever since his little legs are always up in the air and his hands are exploring anything he can reach. As of right now while I am typing he is laying in the bassinet next to me holding on to his toes with his right hand. It is so darn cute; he gets the funniest little look on his face and usually starts chattering. If not on his legs, ankles, or toes, Dominic’s hands are in his mouth, or he has captured Mommy or Daddy’s. Dominic will be sitting in his Mommy’s lap, grab my hand and POP my fingers are plunged into his mouth getting sopping wet. Unfortunately for Dominic my fingers are a tad bit longer than his and he gags himself several times a day. We enjoy watching as Dominic grows each day, and love to watch as he makes new discoveries.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Naps and Nipples: June 20th

June 20th- Happy Father’s Day

Today Dominic and Daddy were playing on the couch and Daddy started teasing Dominic by saying “I’m gonna tickle your little fat roll!” As with most babies Dominic has a cute little fat roll right under his chin and Daddy found out that it’s ticklish! Every time Daddy would tickle him and say “I’m gonna get your fat roll!” Dominic would squeeze his chin to his chest, get a huge smile on his face, and sometimes yell or squeal with excitement. After the neck roll got boring, Daddy moved on to Dominic’s little arm pits, and his tummy, which we have nick-named “the toad tummy.” Toad tummy came from the way Dominic’s little tummy seems to puff up after a good hearty meal, which is the same general shape as a toad’s body. The best part about the whole thing is that Dominic’s happy squeals are really starting to resemble giggles and we are sure full on laughs are right around the corner.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Naps and Nipples: June 19h

June 19th- My First BBQ

Today Dominic, Mommy, and Daddy went over to Cassie and Travis’s to have a Father’s Day BBQ. In spirit of the day Dominic wore his brown Daddy’s BBQ Buddy shirt, which was a big hit. When Ryker woke up he and Dominic sat and stared at each other for a good five minutes. Dominic was a bit fussy and sleepy but we figured that was an effect of the shots, he still didn’t want to use his legs. We left after a few hours because the whole family was tired and we need to get home to Khaos. After a good nap, Dominic was rejuvenated. The whole family, Khaos included, laid on the floor to play. We all had a great time. We tried a new way to do tummy time with a throw pillow and shake the rattle in front of him. It worked for a while but he lost interest and just wanted to play on his back again. After playing on the floor we put Dominic in his bouncer seat, and he played for nearly an hour smacking the toys, bouncing, and watching all the lights.

Naps and Nipples: June 18th

June 18th- Doctor, Doctor…

Unfortunately for Dominic today was his 4 month wellness Doctors visit. Mommy was super excited to see how much he weighs and just how much he has grown overall. When we got to the office and went back into the “lab” where patients get weighed, the height checked, and temperature taken and so on. While in the lab a little 18 month old girl came back to get her stats checked. Dominic instantly started staring and smiling at the little girl. It was so darn cute until he burped and spit up. Mommy told him that spit up is not the way to get girl’s attention.

When the Doctor came in he handed me the piece of paper his office gives that has all the stats on it, he also showed us that Dominic is back into a good growing percentile. The results were: Weight-13 pounds 2 ounces, Height-23 inches, and Head Circumference- 16 ¾ inches. Mommy was so excited about his weight. We had been struggling with weight gain and despite the fact he is still smaller than the average 4 month old, he is doing fantastic and very healthy! A great thing the Doctor told us is not to get to worked up over Tummy Time. He said mostly it is to keep pressure of the back of the skull. He checked Dominic and everything was good, he is strong, sitting up and standing up. He isn’t much of a roller but it will come when he is ready.

After the Doctor left Dominic’s favorite nurse came back in for the shots. He does not like shots!! He screams, and cries so hard that his face turns red. He no longer liked this nurse. Dominic loves to stand, but after the shots he would not use his legs for the rest of the day. We would try to get him to stand and he would drawl his legs up, and that was that. He was not going to put any weight on his little legs.

Naps and Nipples: June 17th

June 17th- You little Stinker

Today Dominic is 4 months old and started his 2 a day cereal times. We were supposed to start them at the beginning of the week but he was never interested until his routine night feed. However, tonight I found that an hour after his “dinner” (about 6pm) he was ready for some cereal. He ate every bit, and seemed to want some more.

This is “The Daddy,” tonight I decided that I had to put in a little story about something that Dominic did tonight that made me laugh to the point of teary eyes. As with most nights Dominic and I were laying on the couch talking and watching t.v. when the Mommy decided to come over and sit on the floor next to us so she could get in on the conversation. After a few minutes of the three of us talking Shelli had to go do something else. As she got up off of the floor she had her back to Dominic and he got a good view of his mom’s rear end, he then scrunched up his little eye-brows and had a look on his face that I just can not describe in words. Somewhere in between fits of laughter I explained to Shelli what had happened, and when she asked Dominic if he was making fun of her, his only response was an ear to ear, wide mouthed smile! I love that kid.

At bedtime, Dominic went to sleep as normal but woke up about an hour and a half later and is determined not to go to sleep or let Mommy write this journal. My little stinker cries until I look at him or talk to him then he smiles the “charm smile” and as soon as I look away it starts all over again. At one point he did take his blanket and like yesterday put it over his head, munching all over it to the point it is soaked. Dominic is a fun and crazy kid, and I can only imagine this stubbornness will be a lot of fun because Mommy is stubborn too.

Naps and Nipples: June 16th

June 16th- One Interesting Day

Today was an interesting day full of new things, and messes. To start the day off at a morning diaper changing Dominic peed all over his Mommy. When I say peed all over I don’t mean a little bit on my shirt or drizzle on my pants. I mean all over my shirt, and soaking my pants. I must have had a slow reaction time from being so tired, or he had a power pee because from when he started to by the time I put the diaper back over the “fountain” I was completely covered.

The rest of the day Dominic and his Mommy changed outfits about 3 times because he spit up all over us several times. At one point in the evening Dominic and I went outside to see the 6 geckos we have hanging around on our porch. Mommy was enjoying herself looking at the neat lizards until once again Dominic spit up all over her. After that, the spit up finally stopped!

While taking a nap Dominic decided he didn’t want the light on anymore. While asleep he took his blanket and covered up his face. Mommy moved the blanket off his face and he had the tag in his mouth, and of course I had to snap a picture. Again, he covered his face and took a long well deserved nap.

After he woke, Mommy, Daddy and Dominic sat down to play. Now that Dominic knows how to hold his rattle I enjoy giving it to him to play with. The look on his face and the spastic motions crack us up. We decided to take video of the fun and while videotaping Dominic’s play time, he hit himself in the head with the rattle. At first he didn’t react, Mommy did, but Dominic didn’t but then he realized what happened and got very upset which ended play time.

Later in the night Dominic discovered his feet. While he was sitting on the couch with Daddy, he realized that his hand could reach his feet and began holding on to one of them. Then the Daddy realized that Dominic was staring at him while holding his foot. When the Daddy would turn his head to look at Dominic, he would let go of his foot, but would not break the stare. After a few moments Dad would look away and Dominic would return to holding his foot, again without ever moving his gaze. Each time the dad would turn to look at Dominic he would release his foot, and then when Dad would look away, he would grab it again. This little game of theirs must have gone on for at least 10 minutes.

After all this, Mommy was hoping a nice warm bath would calm Dominic and we would be ready for bed. During this bath that little rascal peed on me again!! The bath did tire him, but he woke back up after an hour and didn’t go back to sleep until nearly 3 in the morning. What an end to a crazy day!

Naps and Nipples: June 14th & 15th

June 14th- Bad Boys Bad Boys What cha gonna do?

Today we found out that Dominic loves the show Cops or any show that involves law enforcement. We think it’s the flashing lights and sirens that he is fascinated by. Mommy and Daddy where sitting on the couch together with Dominic in a sitting up position. We tried talking to him and getting his attention but that just wasn’t going to happen. He was completely mesmerized by the TV. During commercials he would pay a little more attention but when Cops was back on his Mommy and Daddy time was off.

Aside from his new found love of Cops, Dominic must not have been feeling well. He spit up all day long. Right after eating and several hours after eating, poor baby was constantly spitting up. We went through 4 bibs today, a burp cloth, and 2 onesies.

This evening we tried a new tummy time trick by putting Dominic on our shins and having him look down at us. As everything else we have tried he hated this too. On Friday he goes to the Dr, and I will just have to ask them what they think and see if they know any tricks.

June 15th- Eat, Sleep, repeat

Dominic was a very hungry and sleepy baby today. He slept well from about midnight to 5:30 this morning. From this point on he woke up every 2 hours to eat. From 10-11:30 he was wide awake and wanting to play but after that he was either sleeping, or eating. A few times he tried to do both at the same time. It seemed he was hungry non stop and constantly falling asleep. Even in the bath tonight I had to hurry through because he just didn’t want to stay awake.

We are not sure why Dominic was so hungry and sleepy I guess it a growth spurt. Hopefully he will get in a good nights sleep and feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Naps and Nipples: June 13th

June 13th-Shake, Rattle, and Roll

For most of the day, Dominic was Mommy’s little wardrobe accessory. He was completely attached to me. He didn’t want to be left by himself at all. He wouldn’t sleep unless I held him, and going to the bathroom was a chore. Later in the evening during Daddy time he would just stare at me and didn’t want anyone but Mommy. The Daddy did get him out of his “all about Mommy” mood when he started playing with the rattles.

After the sound of the rattle really had him interested we decided to let him try playing with the toy that he was so concentrated on. We put his hand on the rattle and he soon realized that he was able to wrap his hand around the part we gave him, so he did what any curious baby would do and got a good grasp on it. After he took hold of the rattle he seemed completely lost so Daddy instructed him to “shake it” and then used his own hand to make the motion needed to shake the rattle. Dominic didn’t take very long at all to realize just what was expected of him and before we knew it, he was wiggling his arm with all of his might and causing the rattle to make as much noise as his little arm could possibly produce. This went on for quite awhile and with 2 different kinds of rattles before he finally decided his arms just couldn’t take anymore. He continues to grow, learn, and impress us with every passing day.

Naps and Nipples: June 13th

June 13th-Shake, Rattle, and Roll

For most of the day, Dominic was Mommy’s little wardrobe accessory. He was completely attached to me. He didn’t want to be left by himself at all. He wouldn’t sleep unless I held him, and going to the bathroom was a chore. Later in the evening during Daddy time he would just stare at me and didn’t want anyone but Mommy. The Daddy did get him out of his “all about Mommy” mood when he started playing with the rattles.

After the sound of the rattle really had him interested we decided to let him try playing with the toy that he was so concentrated on. We put his hand on the rattle and he soon realized that he was able to wrap his hand around the part we gave him, so he did what any curious baby would do and got a good grasp on it. After he took hold of the rattle he seemed completely lost so Daddy instructed him to “shake it” and then used his own hand to make the motion needed to shake the rattle. Dominic didn’t take very long at all to realize just what was expected of him and before we knew it, he was wiggling his arm with all of his might and causing the rattle to make as much noise as his little arm could possibly produce. This went on for quite awhile and with 2 different kinds of rattles before he finally decided his arms just couldn’t take anymore. He continues to grow, learn, and impress us with every passing day.

Naps and Nipples: June 12th

June 12th- Mr. Goofy strikes again

Today Dominic was a big ol’ goofball. This morning when he was ready to get up out of the crib Dominic started crying like he does every morning. When I went to go check on him he smiled up at me with this big goofy smile. I couldn’t help but smile right back at him with my own big goofy smile. See Dominic already knows how to play his Mommy. He uses what I call the Page Charm Smile and I just can’t resist. The Page Charm by the way is passed down from generation to generation with the males in JW’s family. The Grandpa, Uncle, Daddy and Son all have a way of “charming” their way out of being in trouble. It’s a well used and evil little talent that as I said each of the males have. Dominic uses it well and all the time already, I can only imagine what it will be like having two of these charmers in our household. The Mommy is DOOMED!!

Tonight while Mommy and Daddy where watching a movie, Mommy had a Dr. Pepper can. Dominic was fascinated by the can so I moved it closer to him. Once it was in arms reach Dominic began to smack it with his right hand over and over. Every time I put it up to my mouth to take a drink, he would just stare at me in amusement. I am not sure why he was so interested in the can but it entertained him for nearly an hour.

Another goofy moment Dominic had involved his pacifier. While holding Dominic to help him go to sleep (it’s after midnight and he is still awake, apparently staying up late on weekends goes for him too) he had his pacifier as he does every night. I looked down as he spit it out and began to lick the paci like a popsicle or sucker. It was so funny the entire time he was licking it Dominic had the biggest grin on his face. Even now Dominic is laying on the couch just talking away to his froggy and hollering his new found sound, which by the way sounds like he says “Mum.” When I went over to go talk to him, he smiled at me. Honestly the responsive smiles are the best moments of my life. They squeeze your heart so tight and no matter what happened that day, or what mood you are in those smiles will make you feel amazing and not able to stop smiling!!

Naps and Nipples: June 11th

June 11th- Mr. Goofy

Early this morning about 1 am I went in to check on Dominic and got quite the surprise. He was completely sideways in his crib again. He was sound asleep, legs bent in the frog position, covers thrown off, and paci spit out. We don’t have bumpers in the crib due to the fact the Dr said not to use them. (They are thought to be linked to causes of SIDS) So I had to move him back to a normal sleeping position and after a few hours he had worked his way back to being almost turned sideways. Apparently he moves A LOT when he sleeps.

While playing with Dominic today he made me laugh so hard. He started kicking like crazy as he does when he’s super excited. I put my left hand up and put his foot up against my hand then take my hand away… this triggers my son’s intelligence. When I took my hand away he would move to put his foot in my hand. We did this for what seemed like forever. He really enjoyed our new little game.

Later in the evening after Dominic had spent time with Daddy while Mommy cooked dinner, he yelled at me!! When I came back in the room Dominic started telling me a story, I asked if him and daddy were telling secrets. After I asked Dominic this question the second time he yelled at me. The sound that came out of him when he yelled at me sounded plain as day like the word NO! I looked at the Daddy and the Daddy looked at me with our mouths open. It really did sound like he said NO.

Dominic is quite the goofball, and very entertaining. Who needs TV when you have an infant!??!

Naps and Nipples: June 9th & 10th

June 9th- How did you do that?

This morning, as in 1 am Dominic started crying. When Mommy went to go check on him, he was completely sideways in his crib!! Later on when he woke again he was clear at the other end of the crib. I guess he wiggles a lot in his sleep!

Today we found out his new friend’s name will be Ryker. Mommy told Dominic “we are going to go see your new friend Ryker today. Do you like the name Ryker?” and he smiled so big. I took it as he really likes the name Ryker.

This afternoon when Mommy was going to go make a bottle for Dominic and start dinner Daddy told Dominic to tell Mommy “Get in that kitchen and make me a sandwich” and sure as all get out that boy hollered at me like he was telling his Mommy exactly what Daddy said. It was so funny, but I told him he was not allowed to tell Mommy what to do, and he hollered at me again! Daddy is teaching Dominic to be a little stinker!!

Tonight while bathing Dominic, I noticed something new. He now has a little freckle on the back of his left shoulder. I looked him over and as of right now it is the only one. Something else new came about tonight. Dominic went to sleep for the first time without his pacifier, or paci as we call it. Later in the night he did wake up and want it. He usually goes to sleep with it and in about an hour he has it spit out for most of the rest of the night. I know the great paci debate says to take it away from him at 3 months old. But we don’t use it to hush him up, or keep him entertained. He likes to sleep with it and research says using a pacifier at night can reduce SIDS, so Mommy and Daddy say let him use it. When he is older we will “loose” it but until then he can have it every now and again.

June 10th- A visit to my friend’s house

Today we went to see Dominic’s new friend Ryker. Ryker was born a bit smaller than predicted so we brought him Dominic’s premie clothes. Dominic was a very good boy while we were visiting. He was very interested in the new surroundings. He had been there several times before but not as alert as he is now. When Dominic started getting sleepy we said goodbye to Ryker and after a quick stop off at Wal-mart for formula and some food for Mommy and Daddy, home we went.

After we got home, Dominic had an energy spurt and wanted to play so we propped him up on his boppy while Mommy and Daddy grabbed a bite to eat and then we played for a while. With him being in such a good mood Mommy decided to make Dominic some cereal and he ate every last bit, I even had to scrape the bottom of the bowl. Dominic is so messy when he eats cereal it ends up on his face, bib, hands, and forehead. I can’t wait to start other solids it is going to be a big mess and so much fun!!

Later in the evening, just before bath time, Dominic and Daddy were laying on the couch talking and Daddy would put his hand up in the air and move it in circles around Dominic. After just a few seconds Dominic realized what was going on and was completely mesmerized by his dad’s hands flying around above him.

Bath time was very short tonight because Dominic was falling asleep in the tub. Later while eating his bedtime bottle he fell asleep several times. He was such a sleepy baby tonight, so off to bed he went at 10:00pm. He has woken up several times in the last hour and a half, we are not sure why but hopefully we figure it out so he gets a good night sleep. Having a rough sleeping night makes poor Dominic not feel good, and very cranky.

Naps and Nipples: June 8th

June 8th- Spit Happens

Today Dominic spit up three times all over his Mommy. I was completely covered by the end of the day, but a Mommy can endure a little spit up, no matter how bad she smells.

Tonight at bath time, Khaos came in and licked Dominic while he was in the tub. Every time he licked him I washed him again, this went on for several minutes before Mommy kicked Khaos out of the bathroom. Speaking of Khaos, as we said before the bath time routine is Mommy getting everything ready, Daddy bringing Dominic in and undressing him, and then Mommy bathes him. Another part of the routine makes me laugh. This is where after Daddy gets Dominic all undressed he looks at Khaos and says “You know the routine.” Khaos knows exactly what that means… its Potty time! As soon as Khaos is done outside he comes back in and lays in front of the bathroom door until Dominic and Mommy come out. It is so cute seeing him guarding his little brother, and making sure he is ok. Khaos is a very good big brother. If Dominic cries and Mommy is in another part of the house, he comes and finds me, stares at me, sometimes touching me with his nose, and runs off to where the baby is. I now know this means Dominic is crying. Whenever Dominic is whimpering or crying while Mommy or Daddy is holding him, he comes up and sticks his face in Dominic’s face to make sure he is ok. At this point one of us has to say “Khaos, Dominic is ok,” then he will go off and lay down on his doggie bed.

Naps and Nipples: June 7th

June 7th- A New Friend

Last night when Dominic went to sleep I stayed in the living room holding him while I finished up a movie I was watching. While holding him Dominic was making these little whimpering sounds, and then he would smile really big. This lasted about a half hour. He woke up once crying, smiled and went right back to sleep. I am not sure what he was dreaming about but apparently it was worth smiling about.

Today Dominic’s new friend Baby Mills joined the world. Mommy and Daddy’s good friends here in TX had their little boy, and we all went to visit him. He was supposed to be as big as Dominic is now but he came out a little smaller. He is a little over 7 pounds, and 20 inches long, which is what Dominic was at a month old and actually practically at 2 months old. As we said before Dominic was a little guy. Dominic wasn’t too interested in him yet, but I know before long he will be wanting to play and they will be best of friends.

By the time we got home from the hospital, and grabbing a bite to eat, it was Dominic’s cereal time. He ABSOLUTELY loves cereal time now. He talks and gets excited with each bite. He opens his mouth real big when the spoon starts to head his way. He still thinks that his hands will help with the eating process so we fight them with each bite, but like a well mannered boy he wipes his mouth when messy. Actually he shoves the bib in his mouth between bites, I think to get the extra cereal off of it, but it’s nice to think he is just helping Mommy out by wiping up his mess. He finished every last bit of cereal tonight which left a very sticky, messy baby. Mommy tried to help the mess by using a washcloth but a bath was definitely needed.

After waiting 20 minutes to let the cereal settle we headed off to get a good washing. As usual Dominic was very excited about this too. Each night Mommy goes in and sets up the bath area by filling up the baby tub, getting the washcloths and towels, diaper, and night clothes all put in its place ready for the bath time. This takes about 10 minutes and then Daddy brings in Dominic. This is when Dominic gets really excited. He now knows that when Daddy lays him down on the baby changing/drying station on the sink he is about to get to play in the water. The Daddy tells Dominic each night that he is gonna peel the baby as he changes him out of his clothes and diaper. Here is where the fun begins. Mommy gets the naked little baby and in the tub we go! At this point Dominic starts splashing in the water and kicking the soap bottle but tonight he decided after his arms where washed to change up the routine… HE PEED ALL OVER MOMMY!!!! After washing his arms I was drizzling water over his body to keep him warm , and because he loves that part and I felt wet, at that point I realized I was being drizzled by Dominic with PEE!! This was actually the second time today he did that. Earlier he had peed at me while changing his diaper but I caught it with the diaper. This time he got me and the bath water. So we had to call in the Daddy to come get Dominic so Mommy dumped the yucky water and started a new bath. The best part about the whole thing is he was smiling the whole time!! That boy knew what he did!! I tell ya Dominic is a little stinker. Well you can imagine Mommy had to re-wash Dominic and when it was time to get out he refused. He curled his little toes under the side of the tub and squatted back down in the water. Oh that boy, our dear Dominic is a little frog! He loves the water and the best part about being a frog is he really looks like one when you take him out of the water. He has no butt so when you stand him up bare butt he looks like a standing up frog butt!!!

Naps and Nipples: June 5th & 6th

June 5th-A Day for sleeping.

Today was a very mundane day. The family basically laid around and watch TV today. Dominic was very tired and slept most of the day. Because he was so tired we skipped bath time, he was asleep an hour before then anyway. Both Mommy and Dominic where in their own beds by 11:00p.m. What a sleepy family!!

Jun 6th- A great Sunday

Dominic slept 5 hours before waking up this morning. Wrapping him in a cover and singing to him put him right back to sleep and he slept another 2 ½ hours! When Dominic woke he was a hungry boy with a full diaper.

We found out today that Dominic prefers to talk when the room is loud. He was talking away to his Mommy while playing with his chew toy and when I asked the Daddy to mute the TV so he could hear the chatter, Dominic stopped talking! As the curious parents we are, we experimented with this new found quirk. When the TV was loud or we were talking, Dominic would talk and talk. If we muted the TV and or stopped talking ourselves he wouldn’t say a word. How funny is that?!?

Speaking of chew toy, Dominic has a little red teether toy that he loves to chew on. Today he wanted Mommy to put it in his mouth and he would bite down on it, I would let go and he looked like a little puppy playing with a chew toy. It was so funny. While playing with his teether Dominic was making the funniest sounds, and would try to talk, which didn’t go that well. Later on while playing on the couch Dominic picked up his rattle all by himself for the first time ever!! I was so excited and proud of him! It is so amazing how each day he is developing mentally and physically. He is getting to be such a big boy!! I can’t believe how fast they grow!!

Naps and Nipples: June 4th

June 4th- Silence of the baby

Today was a rather interesting day. Dominic slept well last night and took several naps today. The odd thing was he wasn’t very vocal today. He talked with Mommy a few times but nothing like he normally does. During Daddy time he talked a little, but as I said nothing like his normal non stop babbling.

Mommy, Daddy and Dominic did try something new this evening. Daddy suggested lying Dominic belly down on his boppy while we lay in front of him and play to get him to like tummy time a little more. It worked for a while but then Dominic got irritated as he always does when getting some tummy time.

By this time is was nap time, at 8 he took a small hour nap and when he woke up it was meal time. He nursed for awhile and then it was cereal time. Today he did fantastic with the cereal. I decided to make it thicker like the suggestion on the can and it worked out great. He really enjoyed his cereal he ate every last bit of it!! It was so funny to watch him munch on the spoon to get all the cereal off. He made such a huge mess too. Several times he thought he needed the help of his hands to eat the cereal, and like a good boy he would wipe his mouth with the bib, at least that is what I would like to think. Honestly he was just using it to munch on as well. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of him, he ate it all and does an incredible job eating off of a spoon.

Bath time tonight was just as interesting as cereal time. He was so playful. He splashed and kicked nearly the entire time. Dominic kicked the soap bottle so hard it flew off the baby bath tub many times and he would just holler when that happened. While making him sit up to wash is back he splashed with his arms and kept trying to push himself back to a laying position. Mommy let him go back after a quick back wash, and back to playing he went. He is such a goof ball when it comes to bath time. I can’t wait until he is old enough to introduce bath toys, that is going to be such a blast!!

Naps and Nipples:June 2nd & 3rd

June 2nd- Squeals with delight

Last night/this morning Dominic slept til 5:30 am. That is 6 solid hours!! I think we have finally figured out a routine!

Today was a great day. It felt as if Dominic woke up and decided… “I am gonna do something new today.” He did just that, for the first time Dominic squealed with delight. It was the funniest sound. He was chilling with his Daddy and out it came. I was laughing so hard I thought I would squeal as well. He did it several other times while I was in the kitchen making dinner. He seemed to be having such a good time. I think the new sounds wore him out. He was such a sleepy boy so we skipped bath time, had some rice, then his bottle and off to sleep he went. He went to bed at 10:30, he did wake up at midnight and luckily with a few soothing songs and a quick rocking he was back to sleep.

June 3rd-I’d like to buy a vowel

Dominic was such a good little sleeper again last night/ this morning. He did another round of sleeping for 6 hours. Unfortunately I am so use to not sleeping at night that I can’t seem to get my self to bed this the wee hours of the morning and so when he does wake up it feels as if it wasn’t very long at all. It isn’t for me but he is sleeping better, and soon enough I will get myself into a better sleeping routine as well.

Today was another new sounds day. He made several new vowel sounds. I think he was just as excited as I was because this morning he talked and talked, and talked. I know for a fact I hear Momma, and Dada several times. This may be wishful thinking, but then again with my little ahead of the game kid, he very well may have said them. He has said “Hungee” for the past 2 months when he is crying his hungry cry when Mommy just isn’t fast enough when warming up his bottles.

We also had a little tummy time today, and that didn’t go well. It never goes well. He loves to lay on his Mommy or Daddy on his tummy but to lay on a blanket and get in his tummy time that is just not going to happen according to him. He absolutely hates it. I have tried to get him to play with a toy that way, and helped him push up with his arms, and nothing makes him happy. He just gets so mad and ends up crying with anger. I am not sure what to do. I have read in so many places that he needs he tummy time for arm strengthening, to work on learning to crawl, and neck muscle strengthening. He has been able to hold his head up since he was a few days old and does a great job with it now. He can almost sit on a lap with out any crazy head bobbling… most days. I guess I will just work on it a little each day and see what happens. Who knows maybe he is planning on skipping the crawling and go right to walking. I wouldn’t put it past that little man. He loves to stand while being held and is so good at it now he barely needs held up at all… I guess we will just have to see how it all goes.

Naps and Nipples: June 1st

June 1st- officially 3 ½ months old!

Sleep routine: went ok nothing special just same old, same old. Sleep a few hours, woke for a meal and then woke every 2 hours or on the hour every hour.

Dominic didn’t have a very active day today. He was running a fever again and was very sleepy but most of all extremely hungry. I bet total he ate nearly twice as much as he does on a normal day… he must be growing!!

Tonight when he ate his cereal he really seemed to enjoy it. Mommy still wasn’t fast enough, and when she did speed it up, Dominic would spit all back out. He ate most of the cereal tonight; the rest went in his night bottle.

Bath time was interesting tonight. I had a hard time bathing him because he was either kicking the soap bottle or grabbing a hold of the washcloth. We did have a night time reading of nursery rhymes while waiting on the bottle to warm up. He was interested for the first 2 then he was ready for that bottle and sleep. He is sleeping now, and Mommy is heading that way.

Oh I didn’t tell about Dominic getting his nails clipped yesterday. Normally Mommy does it while he is sleeping because he just moves so much. However, yesterday we did it while he was awake and he was such a Good Boy! He just laid there watching and then after took a nap. He is getting so big we see the changes in him everyday and just can’t believe how fast he is developing. Babies truly are wonders of the world!

Naps and Nipples: May 31st

May31st-Memorial Day

To start off as I have every night, last night/this mornings sleep routine went rather well. He was in bed at 11:15 and slept til 2:30, was back up at 5:30 and then about every 2 hours after that. Seems that will be the norm for us. I do have fantastic news about tonight’s routine… we figured it out!! At about 9:30 Dominic nursed and after he took nearly all of his rice cereal by the SPOON!! It was really runny the way the Dr said to start him off on, and tomorrow I will start thickening it up each night until it is at the cereal consistency on the can or to what he seems to prefer. I was so proud of him, however I was not fast enough for him and he did get a little irritated at me a few times, but all and all it was great. After about a 20 minute wait we had bath time, and I got to lotion him up this time. Next we went to say goodnight to Daddy, enjoyed the warm bottle and off to slumber land he went. I am so excited it went well, now to see how the sleeping goes for the night, I have a feeling it will go well too!

Dominic has this little stuffed frog that he absolute loves to play with. While chilling in his bassinet he was playing with that frog. It was so funny watching him hug it and slobber all over it. The funniest part was him licking the eyeball. He did this several times I guess because of thread it is made out of feels funny on his tongue. Either way it was Hilarious!! Later around 8 when he was being fussy due to it was nap time, I laid him down next to me on the couch and gave him his paci and frog. He held his paci with one hand, and the other arm was hugging his frog and his hand was wrapped around my finger. I was so darn cute!!

Naps and Nipples: May 30th

May 30th- A Sleepy Day

The sleep situation hasn’t changed much. After his bath last night and the bottle he went right to sleep about 10:50. Unfortunately he woke again at 11:30 and stayed wide awake and very playful until 1:30 this morning. He did sleep until 4:30 and the daily routine started from there of waking every 2 hours. He did that all the way til 1pm. Dominic slept more than not today. We decided to try to do bath time earlier today so he wouldn’t be so hungry when he was done and maybe he would eat the rice cereal. That was not the case. He didn’t want the cereal again today, he cried as soon as I tried with the first bite. After finally calming him down, I broke down and decided that for tonight I would put the cereal in his bottle. I have read so many no-no’s about this, and the Dr. said to feed by spoon, but so many others do the bottle thing and it works. After scrounging around my bottle supply I found the soothie brand bottles had size 2 nipples so I put the cereal formula mix in that. He hated the soothie pacifier that the hospital gave him so I never tried these bottles, but he did great and didn’t make a mess at all. We battle the overflow, all down my shirt, mess every time we bottle feed but not this time. I found some size 1 nipples as well so I am going to try it tomorrow and see how he likes it.

Since our earlier bath didn’t go well, actually I think he makes he more tired so we were thinking about feeding the cereal around 9ish and do the bath about an ½ hour after that, and the bottle feed to follow the bath and on to bed. Do you think that would work better?? I didn’t mention that after his rice bottle he went right to sleep for about 20 minutes and he just went to bed about ½ hour ago with was midnight. One day maybe we will have a schedule down. I swear they really should send these guys home with a manual for us first time, don’t know anything parents. I feel like such a crappy parent sometimes when I don’t have a clue about these things. Many things are natural instinct but the sleeping, what to feed and how much thing ha; thank goodness for books, internet, and good friends.

Dominic and I tried a new activity today that we will definitely continue daily. While the Daddy was making dinner I got out a blanket and laid it on the floor in Dominic’s room. He and I, and of course Khaos too, sat down and read a few of his books. Dominic sat in my lap as we read about ducklings and puppies. He seemed to enjoy the stories and pictures because he kept smacking the books in that cute way babies show excitement. I have read to him in the mornings between sleep times since he was born, but I really enjoyed doing it this way. We have several other books to read and I am sure many more will end up in our collection.

After dinner the whole family sat down and watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua. (Which is a really cute movie) While taking his bottle Dominic kept turning his head to see the TV so I turned him around so he could watch to. He stayed in my lap til most of the movie was over just watching and looking around the living room. After the movie was over his Daddy had him in his favorite place lying against Daddy’s legs while he (Dad) is laying down. JW would say the word Chihuahua and Dominic would smile so big every time. It was the sweetest thing.

Naps and Nipples: May 29th

May 29th- A Hot TX Day

I have good news to report: He slept last night!! We aren’t sure if was the cereal, the music or a combination but the slept from 11:30-4:30 this morning!! He woke up hungry, and after his meal he was out like a light again. He did wake up again at 6:30 and from that point until 8 he was up every ½ hour. At 8 he was ready for another meal and play time. See every morning Dominic and I have this little 8 am routine. Wake Mommy, smile at me as soon as he sees me, eat, get diaper change, and play for about an hour. He loves to play on the bed especially if Daddy is home. I think he likes to bug him and wake him up. It is so cute watching him tell us all about his dreams he had. He gets so excited and very vocal in the mornings it cracks me up. After all this at around 10 he usually ready for a little nap that I take advantage of most mornings.

I am glad he slept because I personally think the lack of sleep got to him as it had me a few days ago. He was so tired today. He slept most of the day away, in fact I bet total he wasn’t awake a total of 4 hours maybe 5. I could tell he wasn’t feeling well on top of the sleepiness and after taking his temperature found out he had a fever. Poor guy when he runs a fever he sweats so much its hard to hold him without getting drenched. I did give him some Tylenol today and after about an hour it seemed that it made him feel better because he was ready to play again. Since he was feeling better I put him in his portable swing Papa Spur and Grandma Veronica gave him for the first time. He was such a good boy playing with his little frog while I sat down and folded laundry and put it all away. Not long after that he was ready for another nap…

By the evening it was Daddy time once again and more meals. See he loves to spend time with his Daddy. He sits on Daddy’s lap and will talk to him for ever, and loudly I may add. I will be in the kitchen getting dinner ready and hear this big holler and I know it’s a good point in the story because once again he is getting really excited and vocal. He does so many cute little things it would take pages to write about them all but a couple of my favorites are an everyday occurrence. While nursing he will grab a hold of my thumb and do this squeeze and let go thing it is so darn cute. Also when holding him while he is going to sleep he grabs a hold of the neck of my shirt and holds on to it practically the entire time he is asleep. Those are just a few things that are simple and small but mean so much to me.

Or sleep routine didn’t go well tonight. At 10:00pm we had our bath which was so funny. As I said he now is getting baths in his baby tub and at the end I put the pump bottle I have his baby wash in. Tonight he decided to make a game out of kicking the bottle to knock it over. No matter where we put it he would stretch or move til he could knock it over or grab it with both feet. It was so funny but towards the end of the bath he was getting mad that we moved it, and made him sit up so I could actually get him bathed. That started the attitude. He didn’t want to eat his rice cereal at all, and took his bottle down so quick and off he sleep he was. Sounds ok right, well as I was writing about his day he woke up and has been a booger to get back to sleep. I think he back now, at least he isn’t fussing. Poor Bubba, I sure hope he gets to feeling better. I hate it when he doesn’t feel good, we never really know what is causing it and there is hardly anything we can do to help but cuddle with him and shower him with healing kisses. They say a Mommy’s spit and kisses can fix anything!!

Naps and Nipples: May 28th

Naps and Nipples
A Day in the Life of Dominic Stack

May 28th 2010- 3 Months old and counting:

I had this thought last night about doing a blog type of thing about Dominic’s day. Each time we call or get called by a grandparent they ask the same thing: How’s Dominic? So I wanted to let them know each day by writing a little about it. I asked JW “if you were a baby writing a book about your life what would you call it, and I would like it to be witty. “ As you can see witty is exactly what I got his reply was “Naps and Nipples” after I died laughing and then became embarrassed to write such a thing I realize it is the perfect title to Dominic’s life.

Due to his early start to life he is a small guy at 3 ½ months old he only weighs I am guessing close or a little over 9 lbs. Which as many of you know that is what most Newborns come in to this world weighing. Despite his low weight the Dr said he is really healthy. But we are supplementing his nursing with formula. Actually we have been since about a few days old due to the jaundice we fought for 2 months, and with that and his poor nursing my supply went down. I felt horrible about his weight and cried many times at the Dr feeling like a bad mother but he reinsured me that I was doing things right and he was just gonna be a little guy for a while. I am glad to say he is finally getting bigger. He now has a cute little fat roll on his legs and is Finally in Newborn size clothing. He was still wearing Preemie pants but has too big of a belly now for them! We also moved up to size 1 diapers a few days ago. The Newborns still fit but left red marks on his legs and the 1’s practically have to be wrapped around him twice but fit is chunky little legs and keeps all the goodies inside.

As of late Dominic hasn’t been sleeping at night. He goes to bed about 10 or 11 depending on how late of a bath he got and then sleeps til about 2:30 for a night feed. Sounds great right… well the kicker is he from that point on wakes up every hour on the hour and as of the last few days has woke up every 20-30 minutes!! Sleep… HA! After researching and asking friends we found many tips and tricks to try to get him to sleep. First off many had said to put cereal in his bottle but I was very iffy about this. I have read so many bad things against doing that but found some where spoon feeding. After breaking down and bugging my Dr again for the hundredth time since he came home I was giving some medical advice that well I am trying. Our Dr’s nurse whom is so good with Dominic and remembers all about us said since he is close to 4 months and is a little guy starting him on rice cereal would actually be good for him. It would give him extra calories to grow on and should help him sleep at night. I am to mix a tablespoon of rice cereal with some formula or breast milk and feed that to him after his warm bath and then give him a warm bottle and off to bed after a good burping session.

Speaking of bath, he now loves them and is finally letting me bathe him in his baby bath tub. Before there was just not enough water for him but he has now outgrown his pink bucket thing the hospital sent us home with. I read to do “Baby Massage” with the baby lotion. I always lotion is head and arms and stuff but this massage thing he HATES!! It did not go well at all it more or less (pardon my French) pissed him off. Which in turn made his first feeding with the rice cereal horrible. He was so mad at me that he cried the whole time and finally I only gave him about half the bowl (he did do well with the spoon) and gave him is warm bottle. We burped, swaddled, and rocked to sleep super fast after that.

We are also trying something new that a good friend of my suggested: music. After she told me they play music for their little ones while sleeping I thought “Why don’t we?” See I hate the silence so all day long I have on the TV or radio just as back ground noise so he is use to it. He even sleeps with the vacuum going. Yet at night its quiet. His mobile plays music but only for 20 minutes at a time unless I start it up again… so we are playing a little country music tonight as well. So far he has been sound asleep for over an hour and the music hasn’t bothered him. So here is crossing the fingers that tonight or well at least in the next few weeks we get a better schedule down and sleep habit that everyone likes!

Well normally these won’t be so long but we had a little background to cover and well when I get to typing and writing I just go on and on… kinda like how I never shut up!!

I hope ya’ll enjoy these little glimpses into Dominic’s life. I thought it would be nice for the grandparents as I said and to look back on and remember things and for him to maybe one day read about his life has he grew up, and maybe take the things I learned the hard way and use them for his own family. I enjoy each day and love to watch him grow and learn… being a parent is one of God’s greatest gifts and we cherish it so much. So here to end today’s glimpse I want to send a shout out to our Lord… Thank you God for such an amazing miracle you have given us and thank you for the patience and knowledge as well. You know more than anyone that we need all we can get. Goodnight!