Monday, August 23, 2010

Naps and Nipples: July 23rd and 24th

July 23rd- Loving Tummy Time

Today Mommy was so excited. Dominic finally decided he liked Tummy time. He played on his boppy for over an half hour. As of late Dominic plays more than half of the day. He is getting more and more coordinated everyday. We have so much fun each and every day!!

July24th- Shopping Cart Fun

Today we decided rather than going into town we would just grocery shop at our local Mom n Pop Shop. They have small grocery carts so Mommy and Daddy put Dominic in the cart in the front part like a big boy. Mommy had to hold his back since he still can’t sit up by himself just yet. Dominic had a blast. It was a whole new view for him. He held on to the front of the cart and just looked around at everything. Dominic is getting to be such a big boy!

Naps and Nipples: July 22nd

July 22nd- I’m gonna get you

Today Mommy and Dominic had a blast together. We put a big sheet on the floor again and sat down to play with Dominic’s toys. Mommy put all Dominic’s toys in a plastic bin that we turn on it side so Dominic can pick which toys he wants. Today he was all about his spiral rattle. While in a sitting position he would bend basically in half and reach out to get his rattle and once he got a hold of it he would shake it like crazy. He hits himself in the head all the time and anymore it doesn’t phase him at all.

While playing on the sheet Mommy had Dominic sitting between her legs. I was talking to my Mother on the phone and felt him swaying, it was then I realized he was holding himself in the sitting position all by himself. None of his body was touching me; he was sitting up all by himself!! I was so excited!! Mommy and Daddy will have to get him a Bumbo seat I bet he will love it!

As we have in the past Mommy put Dominic’s animal booties on. (Which are getting too small.) He loves to play with the booties; tonight he was very picky about those booties. Like yesterday he would put the bootie in his mouth. I noticed he only put the right foot in that had the elephant on it. Out of curiosity I switched the booties to opposite feet and he just stared at them and tried to get the monkey but lost interest very quickly. Mommy then switched them back and as soon as he noticed the elephant was back on his right foot POP right into the mouth it went. I imagine he likes the elephant because it is easy to get a hold of by why just the right foot, I guess we will never know.

Naps and Nipples: July 21st

July21st- Too much fun!

Dominic was a real hoot today. Mommy and Dominic got out a sheet and laid it on the living room floor so we would have lots of play space. While sitting up facing Mommy Dominic would lean forward and bury his face on Mommy. When I turned him facing out he did the same thing to the boppy. I know he HATES tummy time but since he was doing this burying his face thing I thought I would try laying him on his belly. At first he just laid there staring at the toys and the he started scooting. It’s hard to describe he was almost crawling without using his arms; he would just move his legs back and forth and scoot on his belly. He went about 2 feet and got upset so that was the end of tummy time for awhile. Mommy was amazed at this mostly because it’s a good sign and maybe just maybe he will begin to enjoy tummy time soon, and who knows maybe even crawl!

Later in the afternoon Dominic was playing in his pack and play while Mommy was making up bottles. He had his animal booties on and out of corner of my eye I thought I saw him put his foot in his mouth. My eyes weren’t deceiving me he was putting his foot in his mouth, rather the animal on the bootie but his toes where in there just the same. Mommy took off the booties and he tried to get his feet to his mouth and pretty much did but I guess it just wasn’t as much fun as the animals so I put them back on and Dominic entertained himself for nearly an half hour!

Naps and Nipples: July 20th

July 20th- Little stinker

Today Dominic tried a new baby food flavor, carrots. He wasn’t sure about them at first but after a few bites he devoured his cereal. He has spit up more than he has lately but that could be due to the fact that keeping Dominic still after eating is next to impossible. He is so playful lately he is always wiggling around or his fingers are shoved in his mouth.

During dinner time Dominic was laying in his Pack n Play playing away with his Horsey. He was having such a good time. The Horsey is as big as him but he can hold on to the neck and hooves and slobber all over the nose.

Here lately Dominic has been squealing, holler, and screaming when he is playing. We were on the phone with his Nan when he started this. I bet we didn’t hear half of the conversation due to how loud he got. He really got excited when he Deedaw talked to him on the phone. Afterward we called Grandma Theresa so she could hear and he stopped until right when we hung up the phone. He can be such a little stinker at times when we are trying to share with the family.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Naps and Nipples: July 19th

July 19th- Pack n Play

Because Dominic is getting so big we can no longer us the bassinet to lay him in when Mommy has to use the restroom or whatnot. Tonight we got out the Pack n Play, cleaned it up from being packed away for so long and laid him in it. It didn’t bother him so we tried again while Mommy and Daddy where making dinner. We sat him up in the corner and put the boppy around him so he could sit up by himself. This worked pretty good for a while but after throwing his frog out of his reach he toppled over trying to get it back. Mommy was so proud of him for playing all by himself, and happy that I have somewhere to put him for a little while so I can get some house chores done and got to the bathroom.

Naps and Nipples: July 18th

July 18th- One Playful Baby

Dominic slept 8 hours today!! He woke up at 4 because he was cold. He lifts his legs and the blanket ends up around his belly so he usually wakes up once needed to be recovered. He went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 7. He had a bottle and went right back to sleep. At 8 this morning Mommy got woke up by squealing sounds. Dominic was wide awake playing in his crib. I came in, turned on his mobile, and sat down in the rocking chair next to the crib. Dominic squealed, and hollered, pulled his legs in the air, talked to the mobile animals, and giggled for nearly an hour and a half. I waited to see if he would put himself back to sleep but he just wasn’t able to, so Mommy picked up her sleepy fussy baby. After rocking him to sleep I myself went back to sleep at about 10. Daddy woke up at 11 when Dominic decided he was hungry again and without Mommy knowing got up and feed Dominic. He also took care of him until Mommy woke up from some much needed sleep.

Tonight during Dominic night cereal time Mommy tried something new. Instead of putting the baby food in with the cereal I tried giving it to him alone. He loved it! He ate nearly ½ bottle of squash, then had 2 tablespoons of cereal and almost 4 ounces of formula. He must have been a hungry baby. Now the entire time Mommy was feeding Dominic he had his legs in the air with his hands holding on to his toes. He would drop a foot every now and again when he got tired and would lift it right back up. He is such a goofball today, even more than usual!!

Another goofy thing Dominic did today was during bath time. While bathing him, he had both hands in his mouth making the silliest sounds. If he didn’t have both hands he had a few fingers of one hand and the fist of the other. Dominic was such a playful boy today, and naturally a big ol mess!

Naps and Nipples: July 17th

July 17th- 5 Month old Slobber Bucket

Dominic is 5 months old today!! I can’t believe it; it seems like just yesterday we brought him home. He is getting so big and more interactive each day.
I cannot believe how dirty and messy a baby can get. It was an extremely hot day so Dominic was just in his diaper; Mommy hates this but Dominic sweats so much. All day long he was munching on either his hands or Mommy’s, playing with his feet, getting cereal all over the place, slobbering everywhere, blowing baby bubbles and just drooling all over. By the end of the day he was so Yucky! A bath was definitely needed even though he was extremely tired. Dominic ended up going to bed at 11:30 last night. He woke up once I ended up bringing him in the living room with Mommy and Daddy where we were watching a movie he went right to sleep instantly. I think he just wanted to be with his Mommy. After about an hour I put him back in his crib where he is currently still asleep!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Naps and Nipples: July 16th

July 16th-SNORT!

Tonight just after a nice big bowl of cereal, Mommy decided to play a little game where she would put her hands over Dominic’s ears and ask “Dominic, can you hear me?” and then pull her hands away and ask “how about now?” After a couple of rounds of the game Dominic started to catch on, thought it was fun, and started to giggle. Every time Mommy would pull her hands away, Dominic would giggle a little harder. This of course got Mommy and Daddy laughing, and then that’s where the real fun started. Mommy started laughing so hard that she snorted, yes she actually snorted, and Dominic thought that was even more funny than the game. Mommy’s snort turned his cute little giggle into a fairly loud fit of laughter, which in turn, turned the Daddy’s laugh into an even louder fit of laughter. Realizing that even Dominic laughs at her quirky little snort made Mommy laugh and snort so hard that she was having a hard time breathing. We are starting to think that Dominic is going to be even more of a little pain in the butt for Mommy than previously anticipated. He is DEFINITELY his Daddy’s son.

Speaking of Daddy, he disappeared with Dominic for a little bit and when he came back Mommy got a sweet little surprise. Dominic had on a bandana just like Daddy. It was so cute, they looked so much alike!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Naps and Nipples: July 15th

July 15th-That is so funny

Dominic was laying on the couch just chilling while Mommy was trying to upload pictures and Daddy was standing behind the couch watching him. I started to hear Dominic’s laugh and over at the couch to see what was going on. The Daddy was tossing his shirt over the couch, pulling it back up and doing it again. Dominic got a kick out of this. He laughed and laughed every time his Daddy tossed the shirt over the couch. It was the cutest thing, and luckily Mommy caught some of it on video!!

Today Dominic also hung out with his buddle Khaos. Khaos was being such a good sport letting us put Dominic on him, or next to him. Later after Khaos got tired of us Daddy had Dominic standing up in front of his legs, he let go of him for a second and Dominic stood up on his own!! It didn’t take long and Daddy put his hands back on his to help he stand. Wow I can’t believe how strong those little legs are!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Naps and Nipples: July 14th

July 14th- Ice Ice Baby

Dominic was very munchy today so we tried giving him ice to lick. He really seemed to enjoy the ice. He would lean into it and lick and lick and lick until he started crying. We think the poor little guy gave himself a brain freeze!

Naps and Nipples: July 12th & 13th

July 12th-LOL

Dominic laughed out loud today for the longest amount of time yet. Dominic and Daddy where playing on the couch while Mommy was on the computer. Mommy started hearing Dominic’s sweet little laugh and noticed it kept going. After a little while I jumped up and grabbed the voice recorder and luckily Dominic was in a very playful mood. Daddy started tickling Dominic again and I caught about a minute of absolutely adorable laughter. We had to call the Grandparents and have them listen to it. While playing it for Nan Dominic was getting a kick out of listening to himself! A baby’s laughter is the sweetest thing, but your own son’s laughter is the best sound in the entire world!

July 13th- The apple of my eye, or in my eye?

Dominic slept 7 hours straight!! He slept from 3-10, had a bottle and has only been up long enough to eat the rest of the day. He must be growing again!

Tonight Dominic must have been super hungry. He had his normal 3 tablespoons of cereal/baby food, and he was still hungry so we tried the applesauce all by its self. He seemed to really like it, he would smile and then after a bite smack his lips and make a pucker face. I think it was a little bit sour to him. During the entire feeding we had cereal and baby food everywhere!! He had it on Mommy, his hands, head, face, and he nearly got it in his eye when he went to rub his sleepy eyes.

Mommy cleaned up Dominic sponge bath style because Dominic is just too tired to try to give him a bath. He has tried to fall asleep in the bath before and tonight he can’t even keep his eyes open. Maybe he will go to bed at a normal time and not wake up at 1 and stay up til 3… we will see!!

Naps and Nipples: July 11th

July 11th- New Routines

These past two days have basically been the same thing. We are on a routine/schedule now, not an ideal one but a routine/schedule non the less.
Here it is from breakfast:
9:30 bottle and either ½ playtime or right back to sleep. Noon wake up for Lunch, and stay up until about 1:30ish. He takes about an hour and half nap. When he is good and awake he is ready for cereal. He has about 2 ounces of milk then 3 tablespoons of cereal mixed with applesauce. He stays up for about 2 more hours and sleeps about 5 and is up in time for us to start dinner. He has a bottle and then chills in his bouncy chair watching Mommy and usually Daddy make dinner. He has been letting Mommy eat dinner lately, quickly but a hot meal is still a hot meal! After Mommy’s dinner it’s usually bottle time, and then an hour later at 9ish we have cereal again. We chill for about 45 minutes and off to the bath we go. Depending on how tired he is he either stays up and has a bottle or goes right to sleep. No matter when he goes to sleep he wakes up at 1am or 2am and is up until 3am or 4am. From this point the cycle starts all over again. It’s a crazy routine but it seems to work for him and he has been sleeping 6 hours a night, then another 2 or 3 after the breakfast feeding!!

We did have fun again today as a family. Dominic sat with Daddy on the floor watching TV. Later Daddy put Dominic in between his legs and he sat there for quite some time. Dominic loves to stand up so natural he did just that! A while later while playing on his boppy Mommy had fun taking lots of pictures of him playing with his feet.

Naps and Nipples: July 10th

July10th- One great Saturday

Today both Daddy and Dominic where dressed in Camo. Daddy got out the wii gun while holding Dominic and got him to hold it and play with it. It was so darn cute, Mommy took lots of pictures of the hunter in training!
Dominic and Daddy continued to play have a fun time while Mommy was having a blast taking pictures. The Family all had a really great day spending time with each other!!