Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov 12th & Nov 13th

November 12th:

Dominic was a very good boy today. He sat and played while Mommy cleaned up the Livingroom. Unfortunately Dominic is still scared to death of the vacuum cleaner. We are working on getting him over that. At first he was scared of the food processor, the sound bothered him. We broke this by picking him up and taking him over to the processor and showing him it wasn't hurting him. I tried with the vacuum but it didn't work. He did touch it when it was off so that is a start.

Unlike yesterday Dominic would not give us kisses. Not even his Mommy. He wouldn't let us kiss him he would turn his head away. I guess he got too many yesterday!

November 13th:

While Mommy was doing laundry Dominic was being a very good little helper... well he thought he was. He took the clothes out of the basket and tried to give them back to me. He also took all my hangers and moved them out of my way haha so he thought. He was very entertained with the hangers.

Today for solid foods all Dominic wanted was Squash and Vanilla wafers. He had them for lunch, dinner and as one of his snacks!!

Speaking of snacks today Mommy made Dominic his own trail mix. Mommy put mini vanilla wafers, whole grain cheerios, veggie baby cheetos, and 2 flavors of yogurt drops. Dominic likes each of these snacks and I try to change what I give him each day so he doesn't get bored with an particular snack. With the trail mix he picks out what he wants eats it and goes back for more. It was fun to watch him pick and choose and get excited by what he eats!

Nov 11th: My Dorky Boy

Check out Nov 10th for picture updates: Click Here

November 11th: My Dorky Boy

During Lunch Mommy made her some fries. When it was time to take them out of the deep fryer I put Dominic in his PNP which made him very mad. I went ahead and took out my fries and while getting everything together I noticed Dominic stopped crying and laughing. I looked over to find the strangest and funnest thing! Dominic was standing up and had come out of his pants!!!

I laughed so hard grabbed my phone and hollered at Dominic was able to snap this super cute picture!!

Later in the evening Dominic was being a little sweetheart. When Mommy kisses him on the cheek I say kiss. Today when I did this he turned his head opened his mouth wide and stuck it on my check. This is how he kisses. Mommy told him "Thank You," and kissed his other cheek. Once again he kissed me back. He repeated this 3 times before he got sidetracked by a toy. I told Daddy all about the kisses when he got home. He sat down kissed Dominic and just as I had done said Kiss when he did so. I was expecting him to kiss his Daddy back but that little monster turned his head away from his Daddy and had the biggest smile on his face. Daddy tried again and Dominic turned his head away again with that goofy grin. Sometimes our little man is quite the stinker!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nov 10th

Nov 10th:

Today the whole family went shopping. Dominic was a very good boy. He did try to grab a few items he believed we needed. Dominic entertained himself most of the shopping trip by banging on the chip bags. Thankfully it was Daddy's lunch mini bags of lunch chips so they were double bagged.

We dis try a new combination for Dominic's cereal this morning. Cinnamon apple oatmeal and he absolutely loved it!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nov 9:

Today was a pretty normal day. Dominic did have a new fruit combination for his cereal this morning. He had banana blueberry it smelled so yummy. Almost made me want some oatmeal... Almost!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 8:

First off Dominic slept 9 hours with only one wake up and with a little soothing he went right back to sleep. The best part is Mommy got to sleep 6 solid hours!! I woke up several hours before everyone refreshed.

Dominic and Mommy went for a walk today. We walked to the library which is a little over 4 blocks. On our way back we stopped off at diary queen where Daddy meet up with us and Dominic and I shared a Sunday! We then went to the store picked up some groceries and back to home we went.

This wore Dominic out and he took a little nap while Mommy and Daddy played a game. We had a great day!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 7:

Dominic smiled up at me today and I noticed something... Another Tooth!!! My baby boy is getting in his second tooth. It us barely visible you can just see the top coming through. This tooth explains why he wouldn't eat solids yesterday it must have hurt but never acted like it did.

Dominic did eat a little bit of solids today. He did have his oatmeal cereal with bananas. For lunch he had his nasty mixture of peas and apricots until he got mad at Mommy. After about half the bowl Mommy took a napkin and cleaned off his messy face. Apparently he didn't think he needed this done bc he got down right mad at me. Once he got upset he refused to eat, Dominic has a temper at times. Mommy tried to get him to eat but gave up and ended up making a bottle about 20 minutes later. My sweet little boy can be a monster sometimes!!

Nov 6

First off Dominic did not go to sleep until 4 am this morning!
Today was a great family day. While in town we ate at Long John's and of course that meant Mommy had to take pics of Dominic in the pirate hat!
When we got home the whole family played together and had a great night!
The only downfall was Dominic would not eat any solids today not even his banana cereal which is very odd!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Starting again... Nov 1st-Nov 5th

Hello we are back!! I am so sorry that I haven't been posting in quite some time. There are millions of reason why. I was going to do a "back log" but that would take FOREVER, so I decided I would do a mass post today to cover starting from the first of this month to the 5th and hopefully (thanks to my new mobile posting) I will be able to get back into the groove to posting daily.

I will say some days may be more of a facebook status/tweeter update kinda post. What I mean by that is there are days that are "same ol' same ol'" so on these days I may just state something simple. Other days are full of crazy silly stories and exciting development occurrences. Dominic is growing and developing so much lately. It is so exciting and half the time I can't keep calm with all my excitement. You can ask my poor husband who has been woken up many nights to come see the new tooth, or watch him do something he hasn't done before. Being the good Daddy he is most nights he pulls himself out out of bed and half asleep indulges me in my uncontainable excitement!

In future post I may not post corresponding pics that night when I initially do the post. I will try to hope on a least once a week and put on those pictures. When I do I will have a *NOTE at the top of the next post stating that I added pictures and will post the link below for quick clicking to see the updates.

Ok here goes on my new start to Naps and Nipples, I hope you continue to enjoy and please feel free to comment, and send me messages on facebook to remind me if I forget haha which sad to say with my Mushy Mommy Brain may very well happen!

Nov 1st:

Today Dominic decided he was going to help Mommy with the laundry. Daily I try to keep up with laundry which sadly doesn't always happen. I have recently found that if I put him in his saucer or his bumbo he "allows" me to get a least a load done if I give him a few toys and some clothes to occupy his time. When I say give him some clothes I mean I get one of the empty clothes baskets put in a towel or article of clothing into that basket and let Dominic "help" Mommy with the laundry. My little stinker especially likes it when I put folded clothes in the basket because he then "corrects my folding" haha ok he unfolds it munches on it and then toses it aside for me to wash again. I know it may sound tedious to wash the clothes more than once but when you find something that makes an infant/toddler happy you do whatever it takes to keep that happiness going!

Dominic normally loves his veggies, infact until we tried meats he loved every kind of baby we tried. I recently started making my own baby food. I thought maybe the Jared to Fresh caused Dominic to no longer like it veggies but after researching and asking many friends and family I found out it is normally for kids Dominic age to go anti-veggie. I am trying every thing I can think of and hopefully soon he will get back on his veggie kick.

Speaking of Veggies while going through some next size up baby clothes I found a cute little sweet pea costume I had orginally bought for me niece but obviously never sent it to her. Once I looked at it and realized Dominic could fit in it I had to put it on him. Not surprisingly it wouldn't zip over his big ol' head but other than that it was all too cute. I brought him to his Daddy whom shook his head in silliness, to take pictures of my little pea. I took so many but only a few came out because he would not stop bouncing. (Dominic's favorite thing to do besides stand on his own) I am happy to say those that did turn out where OH SO ADORABLE!! My poor son will one day look back at me and think "Mom!! What were you thinking?!?" but that is all part of a Mother's job... embarrass the children!!

As you can tell today was very eventful and the end of the day was not much different. When Daddy decided to head to bed we followed him in there to say goodnight. Dominic was sitting on the bed talking to his Daddy when Daddy started mocking all Dominic's sounds. Evertime Daddy would do this Dominic would respond with a loud and longer sound and would lean in to show he meant business. This went on for nearly 20 minutes. Mommy was laughing so hard I thought I was going to roll off the bed. I wish I could describe this well enough for you to fully understand how funny and intriguing this little incident was.

Nov 2nd:

Dominic made Mommy proud today. On his saucer he has a bee that when you pull on him comes out of his hive and then goes back in. Now this bee is hard to pull out and Dominic has never been able to do this. While picking up the living room I had placed Dominic in his saucer to play. (and stay in one place haha) As I walked into the kitchen I heard the sound the bee makes when he goes back in his hive. I kinda hid behind the couch to watch as Dominic would pull the bee out and stare as it went back in. He would get all excited and do it again over and over again. Finally he noticed Mommy and smiled up at me with his super sweet smile. After that he lost interest and moved on to another toy on his saucer. I was so proud of him and amazed, just yesterday he couldn't do that. It is so amazing how quickly they learn and figure things out!!

I am not sure if Dominic was teething or just worn out but today Dominic only ate his morning cereal and didn't want any other solids. He took several bottles which as of late is unusual for him. He also could seem to be able to stay awake he took 4 naps but each nap was only about 20 minutes each. Normally Dominic fights and fights sleep but at one point he was sitting up on the couch with me when he crawled to my lap laid his head down on my lap and fell right to sleep. It was so sweet but I knew that meant he was super exhausted.

Nov 3rd:

While in the bath tonight Dominic did the cutest thing.... he tried to grab the bubbles produced from his baby wash. These bubbles where tiny and barely visible. I didn't even notice them until I couldn't figure out what Dominic was grabbing at in the water. I looked closely and realized it was the bubbles he was trying to pick up. How cute is that??

Late tonight about 11pm Dominic and I started to play ball. We recently got him a mini basketball so I could start to teach him how to play "baby catch." Baby catch is rolling the ball back and forth. I had tried this a few times since we got the ball a week ago but Dominic would keep the ball and go about his business. Tonight that all changed!! I rolled the ball to him and said "Can you give it back to Mommy." When I said this Dominic grabbed the ball with both hands and pushed it towards me like " Here you go Mommy." I was so excited but thought maybe it was a fluke so I tried again and to my surprise he returned the ball the same way. I got super excited and made Daddy get out of bed to watch us play catch. When Daddy came to watch we started to play again and he returned the ball by pushing it with both hands on either side of the ball again, and a few times he smacked it with the back of his hands until it rolled to me. Each time he did this I would clap and say "You did it" which of course made him happy and excited. After a little while he got bored and wanted to play with his truck. I have to say it was a proud moment for Mommy to experience a learning moment with my son!!

This is not a picture of him playing but one of him when we got the ball but it was too cute not to share!

Nov 4th:

As I said a few days ago Dominic is on a anti-veggie kick. I got worried about him only eating fruits so I called my Baby expert The Great Grandma Nan and asked what I should do. She suggested I give him a couple bites of fruit and then sneak in a bite of veggies. I tried this but my keen son caught on so I tried a little variation to this technique. I put a bite of peas on the spoon and and bite of apricot all at the same time and gave it to him thinking "its a long shot but why not try it." You will never believe this but that child absolutely loved it! He wanted more! He ended up eating 3 icecubes worth of peas ( I make my own food remember) a whole 4 oz tub of apricot, was still hungry so he then had a 6 oz jar of citrus baby yogurt, and a handful of his whole wheat cheerios!!

Nov 5th:

Today we went to the mall to take in Daddy's PS3 to see if we could get it fixed. Dominic absolutely loves the mall. He gets to be in his "Ride", that is what we call his giant but awesome stroller we got. Not only is he cruising in his ride but he gets to look at all the people and get all people's attention. Every time a girl or child walked by there were "Awe look at the cute baby" and naturally Dominic would smile at them or shy away either way it would get him more attention. I have a warning to all the little girls Dominic's age when they are older: Beware of Dominic he is already a little charmer, and he will one day be breaking the hearts all over the place. He is just like his Daddy and knows how to turn on the charm which is going to get him into some trouble one day just ask his Daddy!!

This picture was taken about a month ago but I had to show you one of him in his "Ride"

Well there you go all caught up for this month now to keep up with it this time. As I said with my new phone I have been keeping notes of happenings and am able to post from my phone so even if there are no pics at the time of posting I should post daily. Please check back often to keep up on Naps and Nipples: a Day in the Life of Dominic Stack!!
Blogging from my iPhone

Well I am trying something new and hopefully it works because it would make life so much simpler for me. I am going to try to make my Naps and Nipples post from my phone I will go back and add pics when I get a chance, if that happens I will be sure to say so on the next post so you can go back and see. Well Dominic is still awake and crying again so g'night for now...