Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov 12th & Nov 13th

November 12th:

Dominic was a very good boy today. He sat and played while Mommy cleaned up the Livingroom. Unfortunately Dominic is still scared to death of the vacuum cleaner. We are working on getting him over that. At first he was scared of the food processor, the sound bothered him. We broke this by picking him up and taking him over to the processor and showing him it wasn't hurting him. I tried with the vacuum but it didn't work. He did touch it when it was off so that is a start.

Unlike yesterday Dominic would not give us kisses. Not even his Mommy. He wouldn't let us kiss him he would turn his head away. I guess he got too many yesterday!

November 13th:

While Mommy was doing laundry Dominic was being a very good little helper... well he thought he was. He took the clothes out of the basket and tried to give them back to me. He also took all my hangers and moved them out of my way haha so he thought. He was very entertained with the hangers.

Today for solid foods all Dominic wanted was Squash and Vanilla wafers. He had them for lunch, dinner and as one of his snacks!!

Speaking of snacks today Mommy made Dominic his own trail mix. Mommy put mini vanilla wafers, whole grain cheerios, veggie baby cheetos, and 2 flavors of yogurt drops. Dominic likes each of these snacks and I try to change what I give him each day so he doesn't get bored with an particular snack. With the trail mix he picks out what he wants eats it and goes back for more. It was fun to watch him pick and choose and get excited by what he eats!

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  1. Yum, Yum! Picking his own snacks is very good for him.