Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Baby Can Read- The Begining

I am terrible with keeping up with Naps and Nipples I have several I need to post as soon as I put the pics with them... so sorry. When Daddy is off this weekend Mommy is going to get his updated I promise!

Ok so here is an addition to Naps and Nipples, Your Baby Can Read Updates. Recently Dominic and I started the Your Baby Can Read program and have been updating friends and family through notes on facebook. It just dawned on me, "Um Shelli you need to do updates on Naps and Nipples too!"

So here is the start of YBCR updates:

Today I got in the Your Baby Can Read program in the mail. Right away I put in the parents starter DVD and much to my surprise found out I knew more about teaching my child then I thought. According to Dr. Bob theories and methods I have done a good job so far with Dominic. Some of the keys concepts are repeating a word and showing the word. Also questioning. For instance when the child wants something don't just go get it ask them about it give them a few choices to choose from also narrating your day. We are going to take a bath, going for a walk an so forth. We have always done that which is why Dominic knows what I mean when I say do you want to take a bath, would you like some cereal, wheres doggie. Another key point in child development is getting excited when your child makes a sound that resembles a word. Dr. Bob said that when you get excited about when your child makes a word like sound for example Ba ( he said bottle!) you are giving that sound a value which tells the child what he did is important and makes them want to do it more and try new sounds. I am one of those overly excited parents who gets excited about his new "word" all the time.

I am super excited to read through my parents starter guide book and watch the first DVD with Dominic. This program may not work for us but I already think the $14.95 trial fee is well worth the money because I feel better about my parenting skills and am more confident that I can teach my child properly. I honestly believe if I stick with this program it will work for us but we will have to give it a try to see pig I am right. I am going to try to keep y'all updated on our progress because I know several of my parent friends have been wondering about this program.

Well we are off to eat some cereal and then will start the program wish us luck and stay tuned...

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  1. Sounds like you are already doing a great job, keep up the work.