Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Baby Can Read- One Week In

Dominic was not interested in the video at all but after talking to some very helpful ladies on a YBCR forum about how to get active children to get interested things are going well. Today I put Dominic in his high chair gave him some vanilla wafers and his sippie and stood by him to watch the video. He watched the word and as soon as they said it he would look at me ready for me to do the action or make the animal sound. I was surprised but it's how I have been watching the video with him, I would repeat the world and do the action and after only a few showings of the video dominic picked up on that fact. Another new thing today was while twinkle twinkle little star song was on he was talking the whole time almost as if he was singing with it!! When itsy bitsy spider came one I did all the actions and he laughed the whole time!

We are only watching the video once a day but are working on getting up to the recommended 2 times or more. We do go over the pull cards and flip book several times a day because Dominic really enjoys them.

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