Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov 11th: My Dorky Boy

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November 11th: My Dorky Boy

During Lunch Mommy made her some fries. When it was time to take them out of the deep fryer I put Dominic in his PNP which made him very mad. I went ahead and took out my fries and while getting everything together I noticed Dominic stopped crying and laughing. I looked over to find the strangest and funnest thing! Dominic was standing up and had come out of his pants!!!

I laughed so hard grabbed my phone and hollered at Dominic was able to snap this super cute picture!!

Later in the evening Dominic was being a little sweetheart. When Mommy kisses him on the cheek I say kiss. Today when I did this he turned his head opened his mouth wide and stuck it on my check. This is how he kisses. Mommy told him "Thank You," and kissed his other cheek. Once again he kissed me back. He repeated this 3 times before he got sidetracked by a toy. I told Daddy all about the kisses when he got home. He sat down kissed Dominic and just as I had done said Kiss when he did so. I was expecting him to kiss his Daddy back but that little monster turned his head away from his Daddy and had the biggest smile on his face. Daddy tried again and Dominic turned his head away again with that goofy grin. Sometimes our little man is quite the stinker!!!

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  1. LOL, love the pants! Wait till he pulls off his diaper too! I will expect a kiss next week!!!